Our service for companies – sublimation printing on haberdashery

A family company with traditions

“Dario” is a company where the experience plays a key role. The company has been operating on the market for 27 years. Together, expanding our knowledge and gaining new skills, we have mastered the technique of sublimation-transfer printing on the haberdashery materials.

Our services are used by pioneers in their industries, which is why to a large extent we shape the products which are finally on the market. We have an individual approach to the client supported by the product’s quality. This gives you the opportunity to implement your own projects into production. So if you have an interesting idea for an imprint, please contact us and let us implement it.

What is sublimation printing in our company?

The sublimation printing is a form of thermal printing, which is pressed into the material under the influence of heat. At the beginning, we prepare the transfer paper, where in the next step it is printed with an appropriately prepared graphic file. Then the measured material is passed through a thermal machine. The colored paper, under the influence of the temperature, applies the dye directly to the product. The sublimation allows for permanent and precise color reproduction on the materials with an admixture of polyester.

The sublimation printing as an essential element of the  personalisation of the finished product

Our sublimation printing allows our clients not only to apply brand markings on the haberdashery products which become a part of something larger. The quality of the sublimation print becomes a distinguishing feature for the brand, allowing the design to take on a special look. The current perception of the sublimation in the industry as a form of advertising labeling is taking on a new meaning. The product prepared by us is not only meant to inform about your brand, but also to complement your finished product.

Why us?

We are perfectly aware of how important trust is. Our aim is to gain loyal clients who will want to establish permanent cooperation with us. We know that trust has to be earned from the very beginning. Therefore, we offer you trial prints which allow you to see what the final product will look like before making the final decision. Test prints are also a tool which allows us to use the color key in order to increase its adjustment to the customer’s needs. By using such a solution, you can significantly improve the aesthetic side of your brand, standing out from the competition.

Offer. Imprints for producers

We provide, among others:

Print on webbings for animals – dog leash, accessories for horses, Prints on clothing elastic (including underwear, harness, footwear), Prints on sports elastic

Prints on staple elastic

Machine Park

In the company, we pay a lot of attention to the diligence of the orders. An inseparable element of the continuous improvement of the quality is the reliance on the more and more modern equipment which allows the implementation of your vision.


The cooperation with our company opens up a spectrum of new possibilities for you. Our semi-finished products have a wide range of applications limited only by your creativity.

Personal approach

We are perfectly aware that your success is our joint priority. We build a brand which you can trust. We strive to ensure that our activities will result in a long-term cooperation.