As a contractor of the haberdashery prints, we are fully aware of some difficulties which may arise when preparing a suitable graphic file for printing. We know very well that the need for a certain initiation in the issue of the design is very important to obtain the best possible printing effect of the ordered material.

For this reason, we decided to launch a design department on our side, without blocking the way for our customers if they use the graphics on their own.

Below you will find a pattern form which allows you to order a design project or its adaptation improvement from our designer, and even below you will find annotations for graphic designers in a pdf version. They include detailed infographics which allow you to easily understand some difficult aspects of designing for print. Go ahead and send such a document directly to your own graphic designer so that the project wass created based on the recommendations presented in it. However, we would like to highlight one important issue directly related to the preparation of graphics on the client’s side. As a contractor receiving designs from you (your graphic designers), we are not responsible for any printing which infringes the copyrights of private people or legal entities in any way. In the case of our dedicated graphic designer, you can be sure of the copyrights which you are entitled to from the moment you pay the fee for the preparation of the design. It is different with improvement and adjustment. If the design requires adaptation and is in a sense a ready-made composition – also your shoulders bear full responsibility for the possible copyright infringement.

In the event when we notice a breach of copyright on the client’s side, we reserve the right to refrain from conducting such an order.

    I own the copyright to the support materialsI do not own the copyright to the support materials - I want my project to be inspired by the indicated material only

    Independent way of preparing a graphic file

    In the downloadable document below, we present you all the guidelines which will allow you to obtain the best possible result when printing on the material. Breaking the basic guidelines, such as the length of the report (for the leash and collar tapes) or the lack of trimmings (everything is described in the document) creates a situation where it is significantly difficult to implement the file for printing. We try to inform and make the client aware of the aspects in which the file sent by him may cause problems. Therefore, the basis is to read the material below so that our consultant can refer to it and explain the problem. Our inability to make a quick and minimally invasive correction results in the design being delegated (at your approval) to the designer, charging a relevant fee for the implemented adaptation changes.

    Please send your finished projects to as a link to a website which stores a graphic file in the cloud, for example, WeTransfer. It is very important to name the project, specify the type of material and whether the design is two-sided or one-sided (for example, a different pattern may be implemented on the back of the tape or rubber, relative to the front).