Fabrics and knitwear

Another extension of our product range is the implementation of printing on fabrics and knitwear. The products which we would like to offer are tensile-resistant, waterproof materials based on the polyester fibers, which allow to apply the dye by sublimation. Our carefully selected suppliers provide us with materials which have excellent printing predispositions and provide great comfort of use.

Prints on fabrics and knitted fabrics

Our offer includes textile materials which are characterised by a very large number of applications. Our printing house for fabrics and knitwear will allow you to produce such assortments as: animal beds, kidneys, backpacks or clothing, including jackets. Their multitude of applications will allow our customers to both develop the existing products and increase the sales offer:

The properties of knitted fabrics and polyester fabrics

The materials in this category are multi-layered. The base in the form of polyester fibers provides suitable properties for applying color. Their proper processing gives the surface a delicate and light impression. The coating made of a polyurethane layer ensures water resistance and guarantees waterproofness after a contact with water.

A properly balanced proportion between the polyester layer and the polyurethane protecting the material is extremely important, otherwise it would not be suitable for printing.

Knitted fabrics and fabrics with your own print

Our company attaches great importance to the diligence not only on the part of the suppliers. It is also important for us to prepare the design for the print. Regardless of whether you use the services of our graphic designer or an external graphic studio, a good end result is only possible when both of these elements are related. Our employees inform about any possible inconsistencies and propose material samples which give insight into the actual result before the production process.

The technology of printing knitted fabrics and fabrics

The printing of the material is fully color compatible with tapes and haberdashery rubbers, which means a full uniformity of the assortment for our clients. We also transfer the full-color technology, which enables the perfect reproduction of your projects, to fabrics and knitted fabrics, ensuring even greater comprehensiveness of our services.