Custom printed Oxford fabric

We introduce printing on the Oxford fabric to the range of our services. It is a polyester fabric with water-resistant properties, where, combined with high tear resistance, it is a product with a wide range of applications. It is this fabric which is very often chosen as an accessory for the production of pet beds, kidneys, backpacks, tents and covers.

The properties of the Oxford fabric

The strength of the polyester fibers included in the Oxford fabric is determined by its grammage reaching the value of 191g/m². Waterproofness is achieved by applying a two-layer polyurethane coating. Its thin and sufficient outer layer does not adversely affect the print itself by sublimation, thanks to which it allows us to maintain the functional and aesthetic values at a high level.

The Oxford material with your own print

In our approach to overprints, we know perfectly well how important an individual approach to the implemented projects is. In the first phase of placing an order, our clients can count on a feedback in the form of a material sample, which allows for a possible design correction. Thanks to this, the final print remains shrouded in any mystery, and the expectations should be 100% identical with the received product.

The Oxford fabric printing technology

The unquestionable advantage is the uniformity of the colors with the existing products: tapes or haberdashery rubbers. The full-color technology offered by us is responsible for the faithful transfer of the colors from the design into the real result.