The Softshell knitwear with your own print

A top-class 3-layer material consisting of an outer polyester knitted fabric accepting sublimation printing, a middle one as a polyurethane membrane and an inner one in the form of a microfleece. The membrane in the softshell material is responsible for the waterproof properties, while the microfleece makes the knitted fabric a heat-insulating material. It is this knit fabric which is the main ingredient in the production of jackets.

The properties of the Softshell knitwear

Thanks to its advancement, the Softshell material guarantees a high wearing comfort, ensuring protection against wind or rain. All these functional properties, combined with the possibility of personalisation resulting from its suitability for sublimation printing, make it possible to obtain a highly practical and aesthetic product.

The Softshell with your own print

We know perfectly well that our clients are satisfied only with the highest quality of printing. For this reason, we verify the prepared project on the client’s side before the production print. We also offer our own graphic services, ensuring the complexity of the production process. As a result, the client can choose our internal graphic studio or use external services. After receiving the design and its verification, the client has the opportunity to make a trial print to check the actual appearance of the project.

Only then, after accepting the design, we move on to the actual production of the material.

The Softshell printing technology

The unquestionable advantage is the uniformity of colors with the existing products. Graphic designs are printed with the full-color method, which accurately reflects the gamut of colors applied to the design. The colors will be characterised by the color uniformity in relation to our other products, such as: the haberdashery tape and rubber or the Oxford fabric