Haberdashery elastics

Another of our flagship services is printing on the underwear elastic. The material we use contains a polyester braid which allows for precise and durable printing while maintaining elastic properties. In our productions we use woven threats of better quality, therefore, by implementing our semi-finished product into your products, you can be sure of the quality of the print itself and the material used.

The clothing elastic as a frequent haberdashery, but not the only one

We work with many clothing brands, for which our elastic not only perform the aesthetic and informative functions, but also are an important functional element. Among the exemplary products which our clothing consist of, the following can be distinguished:

If you are interested in printing on flexible clothing materials, please visit the website in the tapes section:

Elastic with your own print

Before deciding on the final version of the print, we send our clientss samples of the material rubber so that they can see the final result and make a final decision either on the print or on the further design corrections. We know perfectly well that your sales success is a guarantee of further cooperation, therefore we make every effort to ensure that our client is satisfied.

Woven or knitted material? Which one is better?

Woven elastic contain more polyester, which enables a better quality of printing. Therefore, our company prefers placing orders on this type of rubber. The quality is also evident in its usefulness, including its durability and the aesthetics of the material itself. For several years, we have been observing a trend of switching to our clients on woven elastic, which allows them to compete for individual clients with a better quality product.

Elastic printing technology

The standard under which we perform our orders is the full color technology. It allows to perfectly reproduce the range of colors presented in your project. Its main goal is to faithfully reproduce your project when printing.