Elastic for suspenders with your own print

We have recently introduced a printing service on suspenders’ elastic for our customers. It is a woven elastic with a polyester braid which is typical for us, which enables to better apply colors with the precision of details. Regardless, the polyester braid, the strap shows appropriate stretch properties and other, typical for its intended use, which meet the highest quality standards. Our business clients can certainly find out about them by ordering sample material with their own print.

Print on a suspenders elastic – what does it look like with us?

It is very important from our point of view to convince our clients that each order will be undertaken individually. We are a company which is interested in what is included in the project sent from you and we would like to inform you about the need to introduce some changes to increase the attractiveness of the print.

We help to decide on any corrections by printing sample materials so that our clients can see what the final version of the print will look like. You can order us to make only a material sample, so that we can prove the quality of our approach and the raw materials used.

Suspenders’ elastic printing technology

We offer full color prints. Printing in this technology faithfully transfers the colors of the design into the material realities. It accurately reflects the colors, ensuring compliance with the properly prepared colors in the client’s design.