Underwear elastic with your own print

Another of our flagship services is printing on the underwear elastic. The material we use contains a polyester braid which allows for precise and durable printing while maintaining elastic properties. In our productions we use woven material of better quality, therefore, by implementing our semi-finished product into your products, you can be sure of the quality of the print itself and the material used.

The use of an underwear elastic straps – serving as a panties gum, but not only

The elastic which you will receive from us is usually used for panties, but it is not its only purpose. The rubbers we distribute can become part of the finishes of bras or pajamas

Underwear elastic with your own print

In our individual approach to each order, we understand how important it is to ensure that our customers receive the correctness of the past print. In the first phase of the order fulfillment, we print a sample which our client has to accept so that we can move on. We even rely on time-consuming corrections and consultations which may translate into multiple sampling of the material, so that our client is 100% sure that he wants such a product. Only after this stage, we move on to the actual printing phase.

The specification of the underwear elastic

We can print underwear elastics with the following width parameters: 20mm, 30mm, 35mm and 40mm. All kinds of requirements outside the adopted breadth scale can be considered individually, but they have to be supported by larger quantitative needs.

The technology of the prints on the underwear elastic

We make the print in a full color technology. It is responsible for the faithful transfer of the color range from the design, so you can perfectly match the color to your needs. A properly prepared pattern from the project and the semi-product fully coincide.