Haberdashery webbings

From a technical point of view, it is called a polyester stripe. The polyester material is very durable and difficult to scratch or damage when torn. Our key business partners provide us with several types of those, which, depending on the needs of our client, are selected according to the order.

Printing on the webbings of a different nature – not only on clothing ones

In our offer you will find several types of materials along with their suggested destination. We distinguish webbings made of 100% polyester, which mean, those based on inelastic, but also flexible ones, built on a latex basis with a polyester braid. This way we divide the them into:

Polyester webbings as a base for applying projects

In order for webbing to look in accordance with your project, the material has to contain polyester fibers which provide good properties for applying color. Despite the fact that it is a more expensive material than polypropylene, our company promotes products with its use due to the higher quality of not only reflecting the color range included in the design, but also the usability itself.

A webbings with your own print

Our company attaches great importance to the design from the project. We strive to make our customers aware of certain design solutions and their transfer into the final result. Therefore, we are at your disposal by offering material samples. The effect in the form of a sublimation tape scrap can be sent to you by a courier or by a photo, depending on the client’s will. We are fully aware that success on your side is the guarantor of the further cooperation.

Webbings printing technology

We can execute orders in the full color technology, the task of which is to accurately reproduce the color key in accordance with the submitted project. A novelty which we have been introducing recently is the fluo color technology, which enables the printing of even more intense colors than those included in the design, defining a new way of perceiving the depth of the color. We cordially invite you to make inquiries on this topic and to carry out material trials to convince yourself of this technology.