Webbing for bags and purses with your own print

As a response to the market demand, the company has recently introduced a webbing service for bags and backpacks. We would like to point out that our services may only be used by business clients. As part of our offer, you can order us to print a straps, which can be made of the polyester material.

The webbing for bags and purses – the choice of the material

Due to the product’s quality policy, the company encourages the use of polyester products rather than polypropylene, which definitely have better properties than the latter. Today’s trends clearly indicate the more and more frequent use of the polyester materials, which, apart from their usefulness, show clearly better properties for sublimation. For this reason, we carry out orders in this category which come to us on them.

Printing of straps for bags and purses – how does it look like with us?

First, after receiving the design from you or our graphic designer (who prepared the design for you), we prepare a material sample so that our client was sure what his design would look like on the future material. If there is a need to make corrections in the project, you can be calm and assured that you will receive a feedback. All of the changes are consulted with the client, who has to approve them. Only then do we proceed to the order processing.

The specification of the bag strap

Depending on the needs of our clients, we make prints on 1.8 mm thick tapes, with the following widths: 20 mm and 40 mm.

The technology of printing bag’s webbing

Thanks to modern technological solutions, it is possible to make any prints on the strap, which will be a decorative element when properly designed. We make the print using methods which guarantee exceptional legibility of details, color mapping and the durability of the graphics. The print of the webbing takes the form of the full color technology, which perfectly reflects the colors included in the submitted project. Nevertheless, such a project has to be properly prepared.