Grosgrain tape with your own print

As an overprinting service, we also offer sublimation of the grosgrain tape. It is often equated with clothing tapes, but its role is not limited to clothing labels only. We have it 100% made of polyester fibers. The vast majority of our clients sew the fabric on the edges of their clothing fabrics. It is worth noting that the grosgrain can also be used to decorate a bag or pendant for keys, as well as to make a pillowcase or a tablecloth.

Prints on grosgrain tapes

We start our individual approach to each order by printing a material sample, which allows our clients to make sure that the color range used and the details included in the design are correct, which are sent to us in your project. Any changes on our part or comments on the sample material can be implemented only after prior consultation on your part.

Only after the client’s approval is obtained, in the case of a test print, we proceed to the order. As a result, our client is fully aware of the changes within his product and is sure of his purchase.

The specification of the grosgrain material

The standard for the printis of the grosgrain tape are the following widths: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm. All kinds of other widths, which we do not have in stock, can be considered individually with a larger quantity of the ordered material.

The use of grosgrain

The grosgrain tape is primarily used in decorating clothes. This is its main application, but not the only one. Many manufacturers use it to decorate paper products or serve as various decorations for advertising gadgets.

TecThe print technology for the grosgrain

Our company prints in a full color technology. Technology – full color is the perfect solution to reproduce the full range of colors from the project. It is an overprint which faithfully reflects the design reality by transferring it to the material, if a graphic file with properly prepared parameters is implemented for printing.