Webbing for dog collars and leashes with your own print

We are the main market leader in the distribution of materials for dog leads and collars. They are printed according to the project needs of a business client on polyester straps, which provide excellent printing properties, but also the durability.

The tape, thanks to its polyester fibers, is resistant to jerks, and therefore it is a safe consumable material. By using our product, you can be sure about the safe walks of your individual clients.

A print on fabric for dog collars and leashes – what does it look like with us?

We offer you the opportunity to prepare patterns for the strap directly at our graphic designer, at the same time we are open to projects prepared by our clients on their own. By receiving a graphic file from you, we verify the correctness of the design used in it. We consult with you any possible corrections made on our part, taking care of our clients’ awareness of any changes which have an impact on the final effect of the print. The second stage is printing the webbing sample and consulting with the client. After you accept the final effect, we go to printing the quantity specified in the order.

The specification of the material for collars and leashes

We make prints on tapes of various widths: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and 40mm.

High-quality printing of webbing for animals

Many years of experience and the machinery we have at our disposal ensures the durability of the pattern and the unique aesthetic qualities. In the process of sublimation, we can place the selected graphics, hoping for an exact reproduction on the material. The print is abrasion resistant, which allows the leashes to retain its aesthetic properties for many years. Future collars, leashes or harnesses are realised in the full color technology, which perfectly reflects the color range presented in the project, ensuring great aesthetic values of the product.

We have 4 types of weebings, some of them for different purpose

Premium webbing used for collars and leashes

  • very soft material
  • surface enabling precise printing

Standard webbing used for collars and leashes

  • soft material
  • surface enabling precise printing

Tubular webbing used for leashes only

  • very soft material
  • pressure-free due to elastic material inside

Webbing with reflective threads used for collars only

  • soft material
  • reflective threads for better visibility

Ambiguous purpose of dog strap

We would like to point out that the high lifting capacity of the tape does not limit our clients to the industry related only to dogs. While working with our customers, we realised that it was wrong to label this webbing only within pets. Market demand has shown that this type of a semi-finished product has been perfectly incorporated into the creation of bridles for horses.