Stripes with your own print

For many years, our company has been cooperating with clothing brands which use our stripes for their products. For some time, there has been a trend of moving from grosgrain tapes to a flexible stripe, which is a better-quality semi-finished product which allows you to create more prestigious goods. Our business clients appreciate its durability and resistance to abrasion. The appropriate surface structure with a braid containing polyester fibers provides another important advantage, which is the precision of the print.

Stripe tape print – what does it look like with us?

First of all, after receiving the design, we print the sample material. We contact you in case of the need to provide any changes. We can send a print sample directly to our client’s address so that he has a tangible version of his future order, which he can look at and consult any further corrections. Only after the approval of the final version, we proceed to the proper printing.

Stripe tape – specification

We make prints on stripe tapes of various widths: 20mm, 30mm and 40mm.

The stripes printing technology

Our service in the case of stripes allows you to print in the full color technology. Its task is to accurately reproduce the color range sent by you to such an extent that the obtained semi-finished product fully coincides with the design version, which should be prepared in a manner appropriate for printing.