Zipper tape with a zipper

The ever-increasing personalisation of our clients’ products has aroused the need to create a different, better version – at least in terms of aesthetic value – of zippers. The existing products were characterised by inserts with the zippers which stood out against the color of the product and were not consistent with the rest.

As a response to the market demand, we are introducing a zipper tape print. As a result, we ensure the consistency of the color range of the zipper tape with the background of your finished products.

A print on a zipper tape – what does it look like with us?

The prints are made on the smooth side with no zipper teeth. They are placed on the inner side of the product, which does not interfere with the functioning of the zipper itself on the outer side, and additionally increases the aesthetic value of the product itself. Thus, on the upper side, we can see the pattern composition itself, together with the zipper’s handle, which is a real advantage for the clarity of the pattern.

In addition to approving the design on the sample material, we also need information from you about the selection of the handles. After the presented information is approved, we proceed to the execution of the order.

The secification of the material of the zipper tape

Among the available tape widths, we offer an overprint of 30 mm and 45 mm.

The use of our zipper tapes

Very often, this type of tapes is a clothing element, but their purpose is much wider. They can be used in the case of covers, tents, bags, mattresses and backpacks.

TThe technology of printing on a tape for zippers

100% polyester contained in the tape for zippers enables precise printing in the full color technology, flawlessly reproducing the pattern you send in the design. Thanks to the polyester fibers, we can reflect even the smallest details and personalise your product with precision. A file with appropriately prepared parameters accurately transfers the color range from the design to the material.