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Our offered elastic tapes have a structure of alternating lycra and polyester fibers. Through the weaving process, we obtain a tape that is ultimately capable of slight stretching – thus maintaining durability and returning to its original shape, as well as being suitable for dyeing using the sublimation printing method. This type of material is an excellent base for future products that require both aesthetic sewing and key functionality related to fastening.

Unique design printed on elastics tapes

Design is of great importance to us. Depending on your needs, you can obtain branded markings in a suitably selected background color and logo, or create a design that has a more complex motif. We offer material samples that we can send by courier or provide in the form of photos. This allows the process of implementing projects for printing to include additional adjustments, ensuring that the final product will be fully customized. Our priority is to perfectly tailor the product to your preferences, which we consider to be the key to long-term cooperation.

Woven elastic as a base for applying designs

The elastic we offer belongs to the category of woven materials, which makes it perfectly absorb sublimation dyes. During the printing process, the lower elasticity of this type of elastic contributes to greater accuracy and precision in applying the dye in specific areas. It is characterized by a practically perfectly flat surface, further increasing the overall precision of the print.

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