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Are you a clothing manufacturer or planning to create a brand that will offer bags or backpacks? You’ve come to the right place. We are an important distributor of fully personalized tape, which will have the appearance you give it through your own design.

Webbing for bags and backpacks - what is this product?

Our tapes serve as a gripping element in bags and backpacks. For this reason, we have taken care not only of its ability to accept prints, but also of its usability. The tape is able to withstand heavy loads, and its texture with characteristic ribbing allows for securing the strap. Polyester fibers in the base color of white allow for precise sublimation printing, faithfully reproducing the colors of graphic designs.

Material - what does it look like?

The tape is made with attention to the smallest details. The surface, on which you can see transverse stripes, is a structure of repeating indentations that give it stability to hold the strap, while being flat enough to accurately reflect the details of the design during printing.

Application of the tape

The use of our tapes is not limited to backpacks and bags only. The possibility of preparing a design with perfectly matched colors to the rest of the product elements, combined with usability and functionality, means that they are used not only in the clothing industry. In practice, they are also sewn onto covers, including laptop or guitar cases. Thanks to its durability, the material becomes an important element of products such as tents or sleeping bags.

Printing on bag webbing - how does it look like?

  1. Contact us by email to receive a quote for your product.
  2. Based on our guidelines, prepare your design on the tape. Remember to give a name to the project so that you don’t have to send it again in the future. This will allow you to refer to this name in future orders.
  3. Commission us to make a sample to see how the elements of the design motif and its colors look. You can send a sample of the material you have to match the colors.
  4. After approval, commission us to print the requested footage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The bag webbing is a polyester tape, also known as PET tape (polyethylene terephthalate), characterized by many properties that make it widely used in various fields. Below are its properties:

      • High tensile strength: Polyester tapes are known for their much higher tensile strength compared to many other carrier materials.


      • Resistance to weather conditions: The polyester material is resistant to UV rays and variable weather conditions, making these tapes durable in extreme environmental conditions.


      • Low water absorption: Polyester has a low ability to absorb water, which affects the maintenance of the mechanical properties of the tape even in humid conditions.


      • Good abrasion resistance: Polyester tapes are resistant to abrasion, making them durable and effective in many applications.


      • Easy to keep clean: Polyester is a material that is easy to maintain clean, which is essential in applications where hygiene matters.


  • Good dimensional stability: Polyester tapes are characterized by good dimensional stability.

Bag webbing has following widths:

        • 20mm
        • 40mm
For orders exceeding 5000 meters, the company can inquire with its supplier about a custom width for the product. However, please note that such requests may result in longer processing times.

For quantities exceeding 10,000 meters, the company will consider your request for printing on your own product. However, testing of such a product is necessary, so the lead time may be extended.

For typical orders, the processing time is set at 10 business days. Orders exceeding 50,000 meters have an individually determined lead time.

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