Terms of service

Discover the terms of collaboration and the requirements needed to undertake printing with us on this page

Our approach is marked by transparency. We recognize the significance of establishing clear terms from the start—outlining expectations from us and detailing our method for order fulfillment. As a team, we endeavor to address each matter with a personalized touch. Nevertheless, given the collaborative nature of our work, we insist on compliance with a set of overarching principles that facilitate our service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Contact us via email to receive a quote for your product.
  3. Following our provided guidelines, prepare your design for the tape. Ensure to assign a name to your project. This will allow you to refer to the name in future orders, eliminating the need for resubmission.
  5. Request a sample from us to verify the appearance of the design elements and color scheme. You have the option to send a material sample for accurate color matching.
  7. Once you're satisfied, commission us to print the predetermined meterage.
The company reserves the right to decline an order under the following circumstances:
  • Failure to meet the specified completion deadline.
  • Not meeting the minimum production requirement.
  • Submission of a design that fails to adhere to our specified guidelines.
  • Concerns regarding copyright infringement.
  • Failure to make payments by the agreed-upon deadlines.

The client is solely responsible for ensuring that the files they submit are compliant with copyright laws.

For orders exceeding 5000 meters, the company can inquire with its supplier about a custom width for the product. However, please note that such requests may result in longer processing times.

For quantities exceeding 10,000 meters, the company will consider your request for printing on your own product. However, testing of such a product is necessary, so the lead time may be extended.

For typical orders, the processing time is set at 10 business days. Orders exceeding 50,000 meters have an individually determined lead time.

For orders exceeding 5000 meters, the company offers a personalized color palette by adjusting the colors in the submitted design to the existing theme. A prerequisite for service is providing the project in vector format along with a material sample to our address.

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