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Sprawdź naszą ofertę nadruków na taśmach

The polyester material, with exceptional strength and resistance to scratches or damage when pulled, provides a solid base for future products. We supply various types of tapes to our business partners, taking into account their individual needs.

Unique design printed on webbings

We attach great importance to the design presented in our products. We want our customers to be fully aware of the design possibilities and their impact on the final result. To ensure a full understanding of our offer, we provide material samples that can be delivered by courier or presented through photos. We are convinced that the success achieved by you is the key to long-term cooperation.

Polyester material as a base for applying designs

In order for the tape to perfectly reflect the design, it must contain polyester fibers that provide excellent color application properties. Despite higher costs compared to polypropylene, we offer products made using this material due to its higher quality in both color reproduction of the design and practicality of use.

Important information for material selection

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